Space-based VDES solutions for maritime communications and navigation

AOS, composed of AAC Clyde Space, ORBCOMM, and Saab, collaborates to venture into the domain of satellite-based VDES, exploring the next-generation of space-based VDES solutions for maritime communications and navigation.

As part of our collaboration, we deploy satellites into space to gather data for analysis and exploration purposes. In this ongoing process, we are actively constructing, launching, and commissioning the initial satellite in the project, Ymir-1. Scheduled for lift-off aboard SpaceX's Falcon-9 Transporter-9 carrier in November 2023, this marks the inception of a larger constellation of satellites, inaugurating a new chapter in maritime communication infrastructure.

Ymir-1 carries a VDES payload from Saab, enabling seamless two-way communication between the satellite and ground-based stations. AAC Clyde Space specializes in cost-efficient small-scale satellites, and ORBCOMM plays a pivotal role in integrating data into its distribution center for maritime communications service deployment.


The Ymir-1 satellite serves as an in-orbit demonstrator with a specific mission - to provide essential data, laying the groundwork for data exploration and the development of VDES application services. AOS leverages this data to strategize the next phases of the AOS VDES Exploration Program, driving innovation and advancements in maritime communication technology.

Operating within the AOS testbed, our unique capabilities constitute a comprehensive skills platform, covering all aspects of satellite-based VDES communication, interfaces, and application services.


The global adoption of VDES will revolutionize how vessels operate at sea, introducing a comprehensive array of applications that will have a profound and transformative impact on maritime operations. Below are some application services powered by VDES. 

In essence, VDES is not merely an evolution but a revolution in maritime communication and navigation. Its multifaceted applications promise to enhance safety, environmental stewardship, operational efficiency, and global connectivity, positioning VDES as a transformative force in the maritime industry's future.